Don't Judge My Butt.

Frank Iero interviewed at Riot Fest Chicago 2014

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It all began with a guitar. My Chemical Romance first came to life when the band’s frontman, their leader-in-waiting, picked up a 90s Fender Mexican Stratocaster in his parents’ basement and wrote their very first song. Twelve years on, as the band were finally drawing to a close, it was that same Lake Placid Blue guitar that Gerard Way turned to.

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Beth Greene + Favorite Lines

[ Season 3a ]

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"I think girls are so strong you know, and girls can play music and guitars and drums and sing just as loud or as well as the boys" - Hayley Williams

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a person complaining about puns basically invites every pun enthusiast in the vicinity to come snapping rhythmically from the shadows 




sometimes i think i miss high school and then..this is pretty accurate

one time i was in class in middle school and i was eating a beef jerky slim jim and the teacher said “stop eating that unless you have enough to share” so i pulled out a box of 200 slim jims (from costco of course) and the teacher fucking confiscated it.



I saw Shaggy in a recent trip to Chicago.



Ian McKellen and Alan Cumming in a hot tub. That is all.


there is nothing romantic about being a mess and flunking out of school and crying in therapist’s offices and i wish movies would stop romanticizing this kind of thing bc it’s actually v shitty

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