Don't Judge My Butt.


Well, typical Liam and typical Noel I think. 

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“It tastes like somebody stole my wallet. Ya know?”

im sat in college and people are judging me

Ben Frost

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Funny Stuff you like?

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when your friends are talking about stuff you don’t understand but you still want to be part of the conversation


Vaas and Pagan Min for Ally ~

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A possum broke into an Australian bakery and ate so many pastries it couldn’t move. This is how they found him.

I live for this post

"Do what you must, for I have already won."


Bioshock in the Urban Dictionary


The single greatest picture ever taken in my life. We threw Yu-gi-oh cards at the ceiling fan to watch them scatter, and just happened to take a picture right at this exact moment. To this day, this is the only time I’ve ever heard of anyone breaking a ceiling fan blade with cards.