Don't Judge My Butt.
i took a thing

so this is my attempt at drawing and i only wanted to do draw a nose but it’s grown…

For the first ever pumpkin I have ever carved ever, this has come out all right~
It’s the blink smiley. Just in case, y’know…

This one went a bit dodgey when I scanned it in, but I can’t be arsed to changed it so; Party Poison, Scanned in~

The blink logo turned out okay for once :)

The scanned in version~

Making a collage ~ 
Don’t know why :)
But look at bby frank coming out from behind.

I really should stop drawing now~

LE FIN~ Mikey way through the albums~
I will also scan this in soon as I can be arsed. :)

Kobra kid and parade era is finished~

Starting Mikey’s :) Kobra Kid’s hair and Jacket is taking fucking ageeesss. 

LE fin~ I also will be scanning this in as soon as possible. 
So yeah; this is party poison :)

for Heather bby~

Starting a new one~