Don't Judge My Butt.
it when all the faggots getting interview all gt intervied at once

-unhappy face-

bby ur da cutest

no ur da cutest

Okay! I’m on vacation right now and on an iPad not a computer so message me when you upload it maybe? If you don’t mind?

yeah sure:)

Of course can’t wait for more tbh I bookmarked it

omg now uve made me actually want to write it; i’ll try and put it up sometime this week but when i say im doing chapters, i mean im doing c h a p t e r s


many thank mi amigo 

and poop on them okay that sounds great, and you can carry messages between people YOU SHOULD BE A PIGEON YESSSS

becomes pigeon

accidentally turns into one of them pigeons with ganky leg


yer I get those to, that is why i need so much sugar on them … omg if you where a pigeon you could fly here so we could tlak

also i could shit on the heads of my enemies yh yh yh yh

omfg my mum like that eww, like she makes me eat bran flacks and i just have so much sugar on them it defeats the helfiness of them

i dont even get bran flakes i get fucking lidil 2p bran flakes ones which lets be honest even pigeons wouldnt fucking touch

lubemeupscotty replied to your post: im going to find some cereal in t…

I’m sad becasue I have no coco poops in my house :c

im sad bc my mum has brought “healthy crisps” da fuq we need healyth fuckin crispS FOR THAT DEFEATS THE OBJECT 

I’m fucking snorting oh my god

ive run out of witty replies so i leave with what i used to; a bligeed pete wentz dicl ~dances into the sunset~

oh my god all hail you sdfjhdgfasfks

i should start my own religion

“a la PISS” OH MY GOD YOU ARE AN A++ HUMAN BEING hahahah I love your life plans oh my god

im holding a house warming party, its in stand b; just smell the delicious aroma of barbeque squirrel and special brew xoxo

your TAGS OH MY GOD ILY but yeah jfc I just don’t want to think about it it’s just gonna hang over my summer all ominous

i aim to please ~swishes hair~ but man i have already invested into becoming a hobo, i have my corner of a bus station to sleep in and everything so if i fuck up, all i need is a scabby old dog and i have a full career ahead of me


we will get through this togetha brotha

if not we can bomb the aqa or something

my birthday is the 21st kbye

pats u on head and remembers to send u presents because everyone deserves presents